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NINGBO INNOVAW MECHANICAL is a professional supplier for casting and machined part which is widely used for Automobile, Medical, earthmover, petroleum, electricity Industry. Dedicating in long-term business with foreign customers from North America and west Europe, we are exactly know what¡¯s the customer requirement when they provide drawings and material specification. And our engineering can suggest the best process and technology to make the component or any design changing if necessary. Most of our productsdie casting,casting,aluminium die casting,aluminum casting,sand casting,iron sand casting,investment casting,pressure die casting ,gear housing,Quick Coupling Series ,Precision CNC Machining Components ,Valve Balls and Valve Industry,die casting,Pressure Die Casting,aluminum die casting,Investment Casting,Sand casting,Iron casting,CNC machining,alloy die casting,zinc die casting,low pressure die casting,aluminum pressure die casting,die casting machine,lost wax casting,high pressure die casting,permanent mold casting,stainless steel casting,aluminum casting foundry,green sand casting,aluminum investment casting,iron casting,aluminum lost wax casting,die casting for lighting industry,die casting Motorcycle Parts are exported to Canada, USA, and west Europe Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, etc. and win good reputation among our customers.

NINGBO INNOVAW cover different foundry and machining factory based on different casting process: investment casting, sand casting and pressure die casting, gravity casting, as well as precision machining with CNC machines. Our MOTTO is: Quality first, with competitive price and delivery in time. If you need some casting or machined part OEM or aftermarket, INNOVAW will be the best choice for you¡­

More than 15 years of experience in high pressure die casting for aluminum & zinc, investment casting for alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron &grey iron sand casting, as well as precision maching and also tool & fixture. Factory registered with ISO9001:2000 system to be sure the quality as OEM/ODM supplier. Sister company with ISO/TS16949 certified to supply high quality automotive components Will keep a high standard for a valued added service to its international customers.

permanent mold casting

permanent mold casting

Permanent mold castings, while not as flexible as sand castings in allowing the use of different patterns (different part designs), lower the cost of producing a part. At a production run of 1000 or more parts, permanent mold castings produce a lower piece cost part. Of course, the break-even point depends on the complexity of the part. More complex parts being favored by the use of permanent molds.

The usual considerations of minimum wall thicknesses (such as 3mm for lengths under 75 mm), radius (inside radius = nominal wall thickness, outside radius = 3 x nominal wall thickness), draft angles (1 to 3?on outside surfaces, 2 to 5on inside surfaces) etc all apply. Typical tolerances are 2 % of linear dimensions. .

Typical part sizes range from 50 g to 70 kg (1.5 ounces to 150 lb). Typical materials used are small and medium sized parts made from aluminum, magnesium and brass and their alloys. Typical parts include gears, splines, wheels, gear housings, pipefittings, fuel injection housings, and automotive engine pistons.

Other Permanent Mold Castings

Slush Casting: Slush Casting is a special type of permanent mold casting, where the molten metal is not allowed to completely solidify. After the desired wall thickness is obtained, the not yet solidified molten metal is poured out. This is useful for making hollow ornamental objects such as candlesticks, lamps, statues etc.

Corthias Casting: Corthias Casting is another variation of the permanent mold casting, where a plunger is used to pack down the molten metal form the sprue hole. This allows for thinner walls and greater details to be produced.

Low Pressure Permanent Mold Casting: Low Pressure Permanent Mold Casting is yet another variation of the permanent mold casting. Here, instead of using gravity to assist in the metal pour and flow in the mold, a low pressure of upto 1 atmosphere gas is applied to the molten metal. This maintenance of pressure on the melt causes complete fill of the mold and compensates for any shrinkage on cooling. Thin wall castings can be made. Mechanical properties are about 5 % superior to permanent mold casting. Since no riser is used (unlike a regular casting), the yield is generally higher since the metal in the pressurized feed tube is still molten and the mold is ready for the next shot right away.

Vacuum Permanent Mold Casting

Vacuum Permanent Mold Casting is yet another variation of the permanent mold casting. This is similar to the low-pressure permanent mold casting, where a vacuum is used instead of a pressure. Thin wall castings can be made as in the low-pressure permanent mold casting. In addition, the yields are high since no risers are used. Since vacuum is used instead, the purity of the metal is maintained. The mechanical properties of the casting are 10 to 15 % superior to the traditional permanent mold casting. Castings range in size from 200 g to 4.5 kg (6 oz to 10 lb).

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