right roof prism manufacturer--China Hangzhou kunlun Co., Ltd. we are professional manufacturer and supplier of right roof prism and other prisms in china.

Established in 1986 , we have been in this field of business for around two decades; in which time we have gained much valuable manufacturing right roof prism and trading experience.

With our 12,000 square meter headquarters located in xidian industrial zone, hangzhou, the eastern of zhejiang, we now employ more than 100 personnel.

"Quality first, customers paramount" is our operational goal. adopting advanced management and manufacturing systems, our rich technical force guarantees that high standards are maintained. due to the effectiveness of our QC measures, our right roof prism series are currently being exported to clients in the usa, europe,japan, middle east and southeast asia.

We offer a wide selection of quality right roof prism products at competitive prices, utilizing a state of the art computer system to assist customers with completion of specialized designs. if your company is involved in the importing or distribution of kitchenwares, please contact us with your requirements. also welcoming customized orders, our qualified staff are standing by to help you.

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right roof prism
Dimension in mm
Material: BK7,fine annealed
Clear aperture: 90% center of diameter
Dimensions: ±0/-0.15mm
Roof angle: ±/- 5 are sec
Other angle tolerance: 30 arc sec
Surface flatness:λ//2 at 546.1nm
Surface quality: 40-20 scratch-dig
Chamfer: 0.20mm typical
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