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Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd., located in APEC High and New Technology Garden--Hefei National Hi-tech Development Zone, is a burgeoning private high technology enterprise in wind power, specially engaged in researching, producing and promoting of small-sized wind generator system, and providing solutions for building small-scaled wind power plants.

china Windmill Power,windmill electric power,windmill power generator manufacturer, supplier, factory, exporter--Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd. . is a professional manufacturer and exporter of wind turbines,wind energy,wind generators etc.Our factories are located the technopole city of hefei ( Anhui Province in China). We have been in the scooter industry for mangy years and have been distributing different designs of wind energy are to fit all transportation and entertainment needs. All our products such as air Windmill Power,windmill electric power,windmill power generator are made under squality control system

Our company,Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer in China specilizing in producing wind generators,wind turinbes,wind energy etc in china t. Our factory consists of professional staff together with advanced production and nice test equipment. We are providing the high quality goods such as wind turbines with competitive price and sincerely service.

The company located in the famous seaport city -hefei. Our products such as Windmill Power,windmill electric power,windmill power generator are approved by CE & GS criteria and get lots of product patents. Our products such as Windmill Power,windmill electric power,windmill power generator are specially suited for magin,factory,home and so on. Most of our products such as wind generators,wind energy are sold to Europe, America, and East Asia.

Hummer's products such as Windmill Power,windmill electric power,windmill power generator are mainly used in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Liaoling, etc. and in UK, Ireland, Spain, India , etc.These items are now in great demand and we have on hand many enquires from many countries ,especially in EU ,and are to the taste of them.

Hummer series are widely used in mountainous, pastoral, insular and other areas where electricity is usually short or lack; are used by fishing men, insular armies, telecommunication relay station, television relay station, meteorology station, highway maintains station, natural gas pipeline protection station, forest fire-fight unit, or be used to built small-scaled wind power plant, and so on.

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Product Name:Windmill power H3.8-2000W
Streamlined three-bladed glass fiber reinforced blades have the advantages of great intensity, fatigue resistance and high efficiency. The Hummer-patented generator characterizes its high efficiency and good low--speed-performance.
The speed regulating system adjusts automatically to wind speed. The whole system is easy to install and convenient to maintain. Controlling, inverting and discharging are integrated. Applied to
1 For daily life: Provide power at 12V DC, 24V DC, & 36V DC for lighting, TV, record players, driers,etc. in low-speeded wind areas especially in rural, pastoral and insular areas and as well as fishing-boats, railway depots, border sentry post, etc.
2 Provide 110V220V AC for color TV, small blowers, suitable for places distant from electricity network and places rich in wind power like pastoral, mountainous and insular areas.
3 Provide power unavailable from the normal 500W wind generator. Provide 220V AC and 24V DC & 36V DC for lighting, color TV, washing machines, refrigerators, pumps etc. Especially suitable for rural and pastoral areas and as well as border sentry post, meteorological observatory stations, etc.
Main technical datas
1 Rotor blade diameter: 3.8m
2 Numbers of blade: 3
3 Start up wind speed: 3.5m/s
4 Rated wind speed: 9m/s
5 Rated output power: 2000W
6 Output Voltage: AC 220V ,30V,340V ,DC 24V,36V,48Vetc.
7 Height: 9m
8 Generator Weight: 25kg
Temperature of working surrounding: ±45°C
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