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penta prism
Dimensions in mm
Material: BK7 fine annealed or UV grade fused silica
Clear aperture: 90% center of diameter
Dimensions tolerance: +0/-0.15mm
Beam deviation: 90 degree 3arcmin or 10arcsec
Surface flatness:?/4 ~?at 546.1nm
Surface quality: 40-20 scratch-dig
Chamfer: 0.25mm typical
Coating: Protected aluminum with black paint overcoat on the reflective surfaces

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Material A=B=C D Beam Deviation  Part  No>
BK7> 10.0> 11.95> ±30arcsec  PEN10S30>
BK7 > 20.0 >  21.65> ±30arcsec>  PEN20S30>
BK7 30.0 32.47 ±30arcsec  PEN30S30

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