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21 years ago, as one of the oldest pneumatic components manufacturer, E.MC pneumatics cylinders & hydraulics imported herion technical and began to supply 1st stage of pneumatic products in China, including some 5/2 and 3/2 valves, also FRLs.

E.MC pneumatics & hydraulics takes EXCELLENT QUALITY as NO. 1 factor from the very beginning, even on some days production is really very very busy, we control every product quality by the normal way, two times testing by different people in different way.

Now E.MC pneumatics & hydraulics supply to more than 90 countries 500 kinds pneumatic and hydraulic components, high quality pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valve, air treatment units, pneumatic fittings¡­¡­and is NO. 1 for China Pneumatic Exporting sales in 2005, 2006 and 2007, enjoying very reputable fame among all distributors and users, all these contribution are from---

21 years history

3 manufacturing base

6pcs die-casting machine

6pcs injection machine

5pcs CNC machine, 50pcs NC machine

30pcs testing machine, one laboratory

2pcs coil winding streamlines

2pcs automatic assembling streamlines

1pc ultrasonic washing machine

20+ patent rights

600 staff, 20 engineers, 35 sales

ISO9001 system

E.MC pneumatics & hydraulics is not only a company, we¡¯re a big team, one family, taking all of our customers as our memebers.We appreciate all time we staying together, and we¡¯re sure just 20 years later, there will be many more E.MC members going forward together with us.

we re progressing every day with the global market, pneumatic industry and world automation process.

R series Al and SS mini round cylinder

R series Al and SS mini round cylinder

we ave two types for R series mini pneumatic cylinders, Aluminium (barrel) type and stainless steel (barrel) type, normal bore size from 16 mm to 40mm. We manufacture most part of the cylinder by ourselves, from die-casting, maching to assembling for better quality control. This kind of mini pneumatic cylinder is completely finished by our CNC machine from Japan,except the assembling. We can change this style of mini cylinder to different apperance pneumatic cylinder as customers want.


The aluminium style cylinder cover and barrel are threaded together, and the stainless steel style cylinder cover and barrel are pressing together.

R series mini cylinder can be easily changed to different appearance according to customers requirement.

Three style for back end cover, swiveling tail, round tail and flat tail

Adjustable cushion is optional for working more stable if necessary.

With self-lubricating bearing, the piston rod is lubrication free.

Magnet and sufficient Fixing styles are available.

If you wanted to know more about R series Al and SS mini round cylinder ,Please visit our Website:www.emc-machinery.com www.chinese-hisuppliers.com/emc/